Who Should Attend?

NICOM symposia were instituted to exchange ideas and results in the field of nanotechnology for construction materials. These events facilitated the integration of scientific research obtained in laboratories and in field applications from around the world. The world’s leading researchers in the field of nanotechnology in construction will be brought together by NICOM5. This offers a special opportunity for participants to gain exposure to many of the top investigators in the field and the cutting-edge research conducted in Europe, the U.S., and other countries. Attendance of engineers, scientists, and students from different countries is vital for the success of NICOM5 symposium: it will bring research results to the world community and allow engineers and scientists to evaluate the results of investigations performed elsewhere. These global connections are likely to lead to new ideas, active collaborations, and greater interactions. The proposers have considered many factors to encourage attendance at NICOM5. While expertise in using nanotechnology for construction materials is clearly a desirable attribute, other selection criteria included a bias in favor of young engineers, investigators and students. It is expected that from about 150 delegates at least 25% will be represented by this category.